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I offer a chiropody maintenance program where I firstly conduct a vascular and neurological assessment of the foot. I then provide a full treatment of any nail and skin condition, and also offer footwear advice and methods of self care. This takes around 30 minutes. I also stock a range of great foot products.

  • Commonly treated conditions:
  • - Corns /callus
  • - Fungal / damaged / thick toenails
  • - Permanent removal of painful, troublesome ingrowing toenails
  • - Verrucae
  • - Athletes Foot
  • - Cracked heels
  • Other Treatments available:
  • - Cryotherapy freezing for verrucae
  • - Wilde Pedique – prosthetic nail correction
  • - Diabetic and arthritic footcare assessments and treatments
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Mobile home visiting service

I also offer a home visiting service for patients who would prefer to receive a treatment in the comfort of their own home.

I come to the home fully equipped with sterilised instruments and everything that is needed to provide a complete Podiatry treatment. There is no preparation whatsoever required by the patient.

A treatment typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes

Discounted rates are available for group bookings.

Residential / Nursing homes

I, together with my team of podiatrists and FHP’s, provide expert foot health treatments to clients in nursing homes, including clients suffering from dementia.

Each professional has a fully equipped surgical toolbag in order to provide treatments in the comfort of the residents own room.

Discounted treatment packages are offered.

Pace Podiatry Fees

  • Biomechanical Assessment (1 hour)
  • Orthoses – Children
  • Orthoses – Adults
  • 3 week Review post orthotics
  • Biomechanical Review
  • Clinic Chiropody
  • Home Visiting Chiropody
  • Payments are also accepted from major insurance companies
  • £80
  • £99
  • £140
  • Free
  • £45
  • £34
  • £39
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What my patients are saying...

Speech openDeborah comes to my home in Bramhall and provides a full chiropody maintenance service, and was even able to respond to an infected corn promptly and efficiently. I would not have any hesitation whatsoever to recommend Deborah to anyone I know.Speech close

Speech openAfter an hour biomechanical assessment Deborah was able to identify the underlying cause of my hip pain and discomfort when walking. I wear my orthotics all the time and they enable me to work with considerably less pain than I experienced before.Speech close

Speech openI have been very impressed with Deborah and will continue to use her for my treatments. Deborah is very friendly, gentle and thorough! The service she provides really is exceptional.Speech close

Contact details:
5 Woodlands Road,
Cheshire SK9 3AW

Telephone: 01625 521442

Deborah Pace Bsc (Hons) Podiatry

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